Benvingut/da a la prova de nivell de Right Way English School !

1. .... is my pencil??It's on the table


2. Why .... you going to the party? You haven't been invited


3. ... you think playing the piano is easy?


4. ... do you come from?


5. .... you like a cup of tea?


6. I .... been to England yet.


7. I .... play the piano and the guitar.


8. Eric does't know ... wrote the essay.

9. Listen and choose the right statement (turn on your speakers)



10. ... do you go to the park?

11. I bought this house three years ...


12. How .... have you been living here? Two years


13. How many interesting places .... you visited so far? A lot of them!


14. These earrings are beautiful, but they cost too ....


15. Does John live with you? No, he .....


16. ndrew is ... smarter than his brother

17. It's .... to visit Iceland in summer.


18. Have you .... to Paris?


19. I studied ... three years at the University of Barcelona


20. I .... realized she was beside you, sorry!


21. How .... do you weigh?


22. Don't mention it, please. It ... been a very sad experience.

23. .... your homework before going to?sleep

24. ... you like to go to the beach tomorrow. No thank you, I'd rather stay home.

25. Listen and choose the right statement (turn on your speakers)

26. I can't climb this mountain now, but I ... when I was younger.

27. If you could spend one day with anyone, who ... it be?

28. If you are late again, I'm sure you ... be fired.

29. Jacky has ... working very hard at the office recently

30. If I ... known her name I would've got a chance to meet her.

31. Paper is made .... wood

32. Please, ?..... me to go to the office, or I'll forget

33. I often go out for dinner. Really? So .... I.

34. The diamond ring was .... expensive for me to buy, so I bought the silver ring.

35. want to know who you are, so please .... me the truth

36. Linda lives .... the fourth floor of a block of flats

37. When .... you move to Miami?.Last year

38. If you go to Vietnam, you .... carry your passport with you


39. ..... is your teacher like ?


40. Amancio Ortega is the .... person in Spain

41. Olivia ..... to pass her exams to get into university

42. Matt really ..... go to the doctor about his liver. It's getting worse!

43. If you wait for a moment,..... explain it again

44. Can you turn ...... the light? It's getting dark

45. Where ..... that girl I met yesterday from?

46. James isn?t as tall .....? his brother

47. What time ... you leave the office last night?

48. This is a difficult exercise, so .... your time doing it

49. I'm ... to take a skiing holiday in Aspen this winter

50. I would talk to her right now, if I .... you

51. Would you ... if I close the window?

52. .... Sarah had her baby yet?

53. went ... to the mall yesterday and bought lots of things!

54. There isn't ... wine left. Someone drank the last bottle

55. Listen and choose the right statement (turn on your speakers)

56. If I ... noticed you were here, I'd have stopped talking

57. Do you mind if I .... a picture?

58. What's this key for? It's the key ... the mailbox

59. If Annie hadn?t been late, she ... have missed the speech

60. Very few people bought tickets to the party, so we had to call it ?

61. It's no use ... .He never listens anyway

62. If I cook dinner, will you wash ... ?

63. She's a star now, but when she was young she ... to be very plain

64. Charles walked to work, as he ... recently sold his motorbike

65. Lara felt ill after she ate the seafood and so ... Claire

66. I wish I .... find those old letters to show you

67. I don't know where Jack is. He ... have been here by this time

68. The bulb was invented ... Thomas Alba Edison

69. I'm neither more intelligent ... less intelligent than you

70. Can I have a return ticket to Bilbao? Do you have ... for a 100 euros note?

71. ... Lewis calls soon, I'm going to call him

72. eter, give me a ... with this packet, would you? It's a bit heavy

73. Would you like a glass of wine? I'd ... have water if you have some

74. It's time we ... , Charles

75. It's too late. I ..... rather go home now.

76. A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy ...

77. It costs much ... to fly than it used to, because of all the low cost airlines around

78. If you ... that seafood, you wouldn't have felt ill

79. It was great ... a bicycle for the first time

80. .. the time you read this, I'll be a thousand miles away

81. Is it ok for you if I use your computer? I'd rather you ...., if you don't mind

82. If you don't work harder, you ... the risk of being fired

83. Jim should better hurry, or he'll .... the meeting

84. o ... if I make a big effort or not, my boss is never happy

85. If only I hadn't visited the casino, I.... some money now

86. Tests .... carried out on this substance should determine its origin

87. You .... have seen Joseph, he's in France!

88. It ... a long time to drive to Santiago from Barcelona

89. At no time .... I suspected he was my admirer

90. The cobra, ... venom is extremely toxic, is found in India

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